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The people’s petition rallied against the use of animal testing in scientific research. Research scientists, among them many doctors and veterinarians, are trying to develop methods other than the use of animals, such as cell cultures and computer modelling. Sadly, the whole human or animal body is so complex and the illness that affects them so complicated that non-animal means can only play a part in bringing about treatments for health problems like epilepsy and high blood pressure.

New non-animal means could reduce the necessity for animal experiments but we are still probably going to have to use animals for the future if we wish to continue to create safe and efficient medicines.

Scientists work hard to come up with valid techniques that do not necessitate the use of animals. An example of such a technique is the generation of the LAL test for pyrogenicity.

Any liquid which is to be injected into the bloodstream must be devoid of pyrogens. Pyrogens are bacteria. Even bits of dead bacteria can cause a toxic response or fever when brought into the blood.

Testing for pyrogens used to be done by injecting the test fluid into a rabbit and seeing if the body temperature rose. A test for pyrogenicity has now been created, validated and given the green light by the regulatory authorities. It makes use of blood from the horseshoe crab. Some blood is removed from the crab. It is then returned to wild unharmed.

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The People's Petition was designed to protect your privacy. You could sign up with just your first name and the town where you lived. To prevent multiple sign-ups, and ensure the petition was credible, the site did record and securely store your email address and IP address.





The Coalition for Medical Progress was a broad alliance of organisations that did share the common aim to ensure the UK did continue to lead advances in human and animal medicine. The role of CMP was to help explain the case for medical progress and the benefits brought about by animal research.


It is great that the majority of people finally have a way to express their views against the minority who think they have the right to intimidate others who suppert testing on animals for medical research



We have now written non-technical summaries of all the research projects sponsored by MERGE to date.


These should help readers without a medical or scientific background better understand these recent advances.
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Our research publications database consists of the summary data (including abstracts) of over 3,000 research publications on "ME" and "CFS".