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The project operates primarily over the web, with face-to-face support custom made shutters provided from our offices in Brick Lane, close to the prestigious square mile.

If you would like to contact us regarding any questions or queries please feel free to do so using the details provided below. We are backed by the UK Business Incubation (UKBI) for our research aims. Please visit Centre for Biomedical Research at Hull University.

Who administers health and safety law?

Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive HSE) or your local authority.

What are Risk Assessments?

There are a number of mouse strains that model an aspect of arthritis. Some mice naturally develop arthritis. In others, it can be induced. These mice all play a valuable part in understanding how the disease takes hold and what cells and molecules could be targeted for treatments. 

An identification of hazards, associated risks and control measures aimed at reducing the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.

  • All individual research massage projects using animals require a licence to ensure the research cannot be done using non-animal methods, and that the minimum number of animals will be used.

To do this I approached the Coalition for Medical Progress with my idea because they shared my view.

If you have a comment, or you want to share your story, send a message.

Petition for "action' for adequate health care

A long standing health campaigner has launched an online petition in the hope of ensuring the Council does all it can to ensure the borough of Rochdale has adequate hospital care.

We have been set up to respond to the under-representation of ethnic minorities at senior levels in the public and private sectors.

Around the capital there are thousands of ethnic minority graduates who are unemployed and under-employed. At the same time the commercial importance of the city means it is the locus of thousands of career opportunities. PMN seeks to match this under-utilised pool of talent to career opportunities in the capital.

What is health and safety all about?

Preventing people from being harmed by work, by taking the right precautions.

Why are there health and safety laws?

Because health and safety at work is so important, there are regulations that require all of us not to put ourselves or others in danger. The regulations are also there to protect the employees from workplace dangers.

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Email: enquiry@peoplespetition.org.uk

By seeking to raise the aspirations, achievements and employment prospects of young people the project attempts to redress their current under-representation in these areas, especially in London.


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The People's Petition was designed to protect your privacy. You could sign up with just your first name and the town where you lived. To prevent multiple sign-ups, and ensure the petition was credible, the site did record and securely store your email address and IP address.





The Coalition for Medical Progress was a broad alliance of organisations that did share the common aim to ensure the UK did continue to lead advances in human and animal medicine. The role of CMP was to help explain the case for medical progress and the benefits brought about by animal research.


It is great that the majority of people finally have a way to express their views against the minority who think they have the right to intimidate others who suppert testing on animals for medical research



We have now written non-technical summaries of all the research projects sponsored by MERGE to date.


These should help readers without a medical or scientific background better understand these recent advances.
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Our research publications database consists of the summary data (including abstracts) of over 3,000 research publications on "ME" and "CFS".